iRacing World Tour 2010 - NASCAR iRacing Daytona 500

iRacing World Tour 2010の第2回開催となる NASCAR iRacing Daytona 500の内容が告知されています。

Title NASCAR iRacing Daytona 500
Event Date Saturday, Feb. 13th, 2010, 7 pm EST or (00:00 GMT, Sunday Feb. 14th)
日本時間 2/14(日) 09時
Qualifying Qualifying will commence on February 7th beginning at 45 minutes past the hour, every hour, until race start on February 13th
Race Start The race will begin at 7pm EST or (00:00 GMT, Sunday Feb 14th)
日本時間 2/14(日) 09時レース開始
Series Members will select the Series tab and choose the NASCAR iRacing Daytona 500
Car Impala SS (Sprint Cup Car/COT)
Track Daytona Oval
Practice Sessions Open practice sessions will begin on February 7th at 00:00 GMT
2/7よりOpen Practiceセッションあり
Eligibility Open to all iRacing members, regardless of license level. Drivers will qualify and be gridded into race sessions based on qualifying time and iRating
Safety Rating S.R. will be in effect to discourage car to car contact
Safety Ratingに作用します
Tows, Resets, Pitstops, Yellow Flags Each driver will be allowed one reset (a tow back to pit lane). Typical pit stop rules will be in effect. Full course yellow flags will be used
Race Length 200 laps
Field Size 32 43 racecars per split
iRatingによってレースあたり最大32 43 台でセッション分割
Cost Free, no entry fee to all iRacing members
Content Required Daytona racetrack and Impala SS COT
Prizes The winner of each split will be given $10 of iRacing credit. 10 Marcos Ambrose diecast cars will be given to 10 participants chosen at random
各レースセッションの勝者にiRacing Credit $10、抽選で10名にMarcos Ambroseのダイキャストカーが当たる
Race Reporting The top 3 drivers in each split will be reported on the iRacing members page

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